Gotta Write

So I started this website months and months ago and I haven’t posted to it much. I have the same excuses anyone else would have: I’m busy, I’m tired, I have to give energy to the new book I’m writing. This is all valid, but these are things to work around or overcome and it’s up to me to do that (or not).

There is one other typical excuse that I use as much as anyone else: Nobody reads blogs anyway. Nobody cares who I am or what I have to say, why should I pour my time and energy into writing something for no one?

That last excuse, I’ve realized, is dangerous. Maybe even toxic. Because when you start thinking that way as a writer, you never write anything. And if you never write anything, how can you call yourself a writer? Nobody ever writes for no one. A writer writes for herself, and every word makes her a writer whether anyone reads it or not.

I’m making a resolution to post an entry here at least once a week from here on out. Not very many people will read them–maybe nobody will. But that’s okay. I have realized that as a writer, I am in a place where I need to write because I need to write, because a writer who isn’t writing is no writer at all.

If you are reading, thank you. Welcome. Are you writing too? Let’s write together.


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